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Balancing system: UrbanGo G8 has two motors. So this balances on the double balancing system keeping the riders in perfect balance.

Degrees for Cornering: What is Degree Angle Corner ? All roads will not be straight. So when you have to move on the curved roads , you need to corner your scooter. For this the 0

Degree Angle Corner is a great feature as it can turn any where easily.

Climbing Degree: Apart from cornering your scooter has to climb the inclined roads. So this UrbanGo G8 self balance scooter can climb up to 15 degrees easily.

Speed: With personal transporters speed is an important factor to consider before purchasing. The maximum speed of this scooter is 10 mile per hour (MPH). This is good enough speed for a self balancing scooter taking all the safety precautions into consideration. There are few scooters which can go even higher speed. But for safety , for girls , kids and older people this UrbanGo G8 is highly recommended.

Battery SAMSUNG : For these king of scooters the battery capacity is given in terms for the kilometers range it can go per full charge. For UrbanGo G8 the battery capacity is 10 to 20 KM per full charge. it approximately takes 2 hours for full charge. This is standard for all such scooters. It has 36V 4.4AH battery included in it .

Weight: These scooters are mostly used for personal transportation to reach small nearby distances. With these scooters there is no parking problem. They can be easily carried along easily. TO carry it weight must not be too high to give more comfort. Usually these scooters weigh around 10 to 12 kgs. This UrbanGo G8 weighs 10kg, so carrying is not a big problem.

Load: This is the minimum weight and maximum weight the scooter can withstand and balance itself perfectly. The minimum load to work well is 20 kg and the maximum weight up to which the scooter balances well is 100kg.

Waterproof : UrbanGo G8 has IP54 Waterproof and dust proof.

Dimensions: 584mm X 186mm X 178mm . Tire size 6,5 inch.

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MONOPATÍN URGANGO G8 Battery: Lithium 158Wh. Autonomy: 10-20 km. Charging time: ~120 minutes. Tyre size: 170mm. Gradeability: up to15 °. Speed: up to 10km / h. Maximum Weight: 100kg. Weight: 10kg. Resistance to water and dust: IP54. Dimensions: 584 x 186 x 178 mm. Turning radius 0 °. Engines 2 x 250Watios.

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